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You're the first to know and have a change to grab the pre-sale for the ASK DEMI ANYTHING broadcast happening April 27, 28th, and 29th! [$99 for 3 days! and this price won't be launched publicly on my stories...]

No Fluff. Ask me ANYTHING questions. Strategy, Content, Clients, Offers, Navigating hard situations, anything you've ever wanted to know about me, the business, the team. Anything that's been swirling around in your brain...causing you to overthink your next move instead of just GOING FOR IT...  I got you.


I won't hold back.

Get ALL of your questions answered and listen as I answer the questions of other entrepreneurs. 


Hear my TRUE thoughts on the industry, what changes are happening with my brand... get a FRONT ROW SEAT to it all.


If you're OKAY with me BLOWING up your phone with GEMS and support for 3 days straight for only $99... you can't miss this. 

what you're getting for only $99!!  🤯🤯🤯

and as always... so much MORE!

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