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Choose your Intensive

Craving an audit of your content & messaging to attract more empowered buyers and ensure you're speaking with complete clarity for your offers? In this 60 minute intensive Demi will audit your social media profiles & content, while supporting you with creating 30-50 converting and authority driven content topics and captions for you to create for higher engagement visibility, trust and sales. Ready to build a stronger online presence. You'll leave with an entire content plan that drives leads, engagement, trust and conversions.

Planning an upcoming launch of an offer and want to sell it out?
In this 90 minute strategic call Demi will support you on exactly what and how to implement during the tease & warm-up to post-launch phases. Demi will help you strategically plan your launch every step of the way.  Together you'll design a launch plan that fits your audience needs, helps build momentum and converts. Plan out your free opt in, along with how to get the most sign ups, your launch content and emails, to the upsell and post-launch down-sell conversions. Demi will support on helping you launch your offer with clarity, confidence and success. 

Planning an upcoming offer[s] or want support to refine and scale an existing offer? Are you wanting to ensure the offer[s] fit into your strategic customer journey and the price points make sense for client retention? In this 60 minute strategic offer mapping call you'll know exactly ''what to include'' and how to ensure your clients get the best results and stay engaged the entire way through. Demi will support you on developing a unique framework to position your offer to stand out to your community and promote audience certainty and trust. You care about your client experience, your reputation and you want to prioritize client resign rates along with wanting to ensure your offers are set up for scalability. Whether it's the first time you're creating this offer, or you're wanting to turn it evergreen - or just simply audit + refine to scale, this intensive will walk you through every step of the way.  

Need it all? Go Gold baby. Book a 4-hour VIP DAY with Demi to audit + plan your offer, launch + content.
Bundle all 3 + save.

booking details + advice:  Once paid + booked,  you'll receive an email from Demi with an onboarding form. Please ensure to have this filled out before your intensive. Please book in advance to ensure you are able to get an intensive session time for what you're seeking support with as there are limited intensive spots available monthly. 

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