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So, I hear that you're ready to expand, evolve, and refine your business strategy to sign more clients, create undeniably converting content, build your personal brand & create more sales & monthly recurring business revenue?  

Then, you've come to the right place, and you've found the best business strategy membership to be apart of. 

Joining The Strategy Subscription is not JUST about being able to make ''daily sales''...
It's about building a brand and a business that is SUSTAINABLE. It's about getting OFF the daily ''hamster wheel'' & cash flow roller coaster ride, constantly questioning where your next client is coming from... and instead feeling confident in your Offers, Attraction Marketing & Sales strategy for both short + long term success.

Do you feel as if your content and messaging just isn't attracting the ''right'' clients for you? [or clients at all for that matter?]

👉Yet you know what you have to offer + say is VALUABLE ,and could absolutely change someone's life?

✅Do you feel like you've been wanting to just SCREAM at someone to just ''SHOW YOU THE HOW'' of signing more clients?

👉There's absolutely no question that you're ready to take the action, yet each time you join a 1-off program that promises to teach you ''everything you need'' you still feel unclear in HOW to
immediately execute and implement the training in your UNIQUE business?

✅Do you feel like you've been ''doing all the things'' and yet there is something still missing?  

👉So you keep trying to do ''more'' instead of what's actually necessary to get you more clients?

Then, get comfy, stay a while.
You've come to the right place.

Here's what you will gain access to when you join Strategy Subscription:

✅Monthly Training Drops on YOUR unique questions [Valued at $697/month]


Monthly LIVE interview opportunity with Demi on her thoughts and opinion on the industry (+ more), stay plugged into the conversations that happen behind closed doors, the things that live in people's notes apps, that they don't dare to talk about online -  but NEED to be talked about. The REAL entrepreneur sh*t we navigate on a day-to-day business. [Valued at $597/month]


✅Bi-Monthly exclusive masterclasses that won’t be available to the public! Demi will be teaching you her exact strategies she uses and has used in her business to build to 10k, 20k, 50k + 100,000+ months. [Valued at $397 each]


✅Quarterly Ask Anything Calls with an incredible community. Say good-bye to feeling like ''you're the only one who goes through it''... Come live, ask your questions and listen to the questions of other entrepreneurs. [This alone is worth your entire investment into this membership] [Valued at $697 each]


✅Quarterly Guest Interviews/ Trainings to learn from our industry's leading experts around marketing, sales, offers, visibility, brand + more!  [Valued at $597 each]

✅ Members only perks & bonuses 

Not to mention immediate access to the following trainings as bonuses when you join!  

BONUS #1  [Valued at $333]

Teaching you my EXACT process for creating and launching FUN, JUICY and CONVERTING masterclasses that your community won't be able to say no to joining.


You'll gain access to:

  • EXACT process for creating and launching FUN, JUCIY and CONVERTING masterclasses that your community will LOVE.

  • How to create powerful masterclasses that get your humans into your world, and watch as they decide to upgrade and STAY. 

  • How to monetize your gifts and create more time and freedom than teaching in such a potent 1:many setting

  • How to CONTINUE to profit off your live masterclass -  The best thing about master classes is you can do as many as you'd like, you can sell the replays, you can bundle them together! SO MANY WAYS to create fun and playful cash with masterclasses!

BONUS #2  [Valued at $333]


Teaching you how to ROCK your offers and product suite for the next YEAR. Exactly how to plan your customer journey for client retention and better client experiences. Demi will teach you all about building recurring revenue, stacking income and filling gaps in your customer journey to scale your business!


You'll gain access to:

  • Exactly how I plan my offers + launches MONTHS in advance

  • How we BALANCE high ticket and sustainable cash months, while also PLAYING with fun cash injections! 

  • How to reverse engineer an ENTIRE YEAR of offers.

  • How to grow and expand 1:many so you can sit in CEO Vibes marketing, being creative, expanding, and teaching instead of always being ''ON'' and having so many 1:1 client calls. 

  • Proximity and pricing for each offer level as well as chat all things compounding offers to grow your recurring income month after month - WITHOUT always having to launch something new!

BONUS #3  [Valued at $127]


Teaching you the Behind the Scenes strategies and mindset of a $245,000 Sales Month in business. 


You'll gain access to:

  • The breakdown of a $245,000 Sales Month

  • How to leverage the MOMENTUM of sales

  • How to SPEAK WITH/to your community and not ''AT'' them to create deeper connections

  • How you can be VULNERABLE and still be viewed as the ''Authority''

  • The energetics behind OWNING who the F you are so you can STAND in your selling POWER.

BONUS #4  [Valued at $397] and exclusive to members only 


Teaching you the EXACT step-by-step formula for creating drool-worthy educational content that builds massive trust, positions you as the authority, and will have your community BEGGING for more. [AKA buying your offers!] And no... this is not the boring 1-2-3 tips and tricks content that everyone else posts. This will be the secret to you standing OUT amongst others in your industry.

You'll gain access to:

  • The TRIPLE THREAT educational formula that leads to more sale

  • 3 non-negotiable tactics each of your posts should include if you want them to convert into sales 

  • How to create micro + specific educational content for your ideal client 

  • How to make your content stand out amongst your competitors

BONUS #5  [Valued at $397] and exclusive to members only 


Teaching you what to consider when creating, launching and selling a High-Ticket Mastermind. Identifying where they fit into your offer suite, and how to sell them differently than other offers. 

You'll gain access to:

  • My Experience with Masterminds

  • How I created my Mastermind

  • How I lead as both a client and a mentor in a Mastermind

  • How my Mastermind helped me scale to 7-figures 

  • How I launch + sell masterminds and the BIG difference between selling a ''program'' and selling a Mastermind to the RIGHT clients for that type of space

  • The experience of taking my Mastermind Evergreen 

  • and of course so much more...

Over $1500 in bonuses alone when you join today! 


The monthly Value of this membership is:
over $3000
Your investment: $97/Month 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is there a minimum month commitment?
Yes! We do require a 3-month commitment, and then you can cancel anytime! We require this so that clients have the time to see the best results possible. 

When will I see results?
The sooner you join the program... just kidding, not really, but kinda LOL. In all seriousness, that depends on you! I've had clients take a training, implement immediately and see results. However remember that building your business is about taking consistent action! The more action you take, the more results you will see. 

Who is this membership best suited for? 
Everyone and anyone who wants to continue their education, and better their business strategy. Whether you are making $0, or $50,000+ months you are never above the foundational building blocks of offer creation, marketing, launching sales + beyond. If you want to know what I know, and learn what I do/teach my clients - you should join.

If Taylor Swift and Elle Woods had a baby -
it would be me. Hi! I'm Demi, and I'll change your business and your entire life. ''
What like it's hard''?!

Don't let the pink fool you. Some might even call me ''The Man'' when it comes to building sustainable online companies. I've scaled my company to multi-millions in sales in the past 3 years, and am proud to be apart of the 2% of women entrepreneurs who have crossed the 7-figure/year mark, and have supported hundreds of women on growing their businesses to 6, multi-6, and even 7 figures.


If you're looking to make a lot of money and impact in your business, I've got you covered. I'm very strategy based, no fluff, no BS. I'll challenge you to become the best version of yourself, and a true leader for others. You hire me when you're ready to commit to do the work, show the hell up and change the game. 

Meet your Mentor

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