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Over 2 Million+ In Client Revenue


Unleash Your Inner BOSS

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What's up, beauty! 

I'm a pro when it comes to making money online.  Helping women scale their businesses through Strategic Product Suite Creation, Marketing, Launching, and Sales strategies that work, is what I do.  With a 4 year Degree in Business + Consumer Behaviour , and over $1.7 million in sales in less than 3 years- I'm ready to help you release your inner boss. 


Over 300+ Women Served 



There are no words to describe how it's been working with Demi. She is by far THE most incredible coach I've ever had the privilege of watching and learning from. The way she cares about her clients is unmatched.  I am now making consistent 30k months, work 3 hours a day, have a team of 5 people (who she helped me hire), and know where I'm taking my business over the next year. Demi is absolutely incredible and if you're second guessing working with her even for a minute, realize that that's a limiting belief, and the ROI of working with her is TENFOLD the investment. She will take your business to levels you never even dreamt possible. I will sing her praises to the rooftops and recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a business coach! Demi is THE BEST in the game, period.


$100,000 in 5 Months 

''I started working with Demi when I wanted to pivot my business into Mentorship. Choosing to work with Demi was the BEST decision I've ever made, and I say this with pure confidence. She helped me create an entire program, launch and market it and sell out 2 rounds of that program bringing in 60,000 of revenue in less than 4 months, then we scaled it further having a launch of 60,000 on it's own! I've 10X times my investment - she's THAT good. If you're hesitating - don't.  She's more than a coach, she's a friend. I love you, Demi!''


$150,000 in 5 Months 

''I came to Demi with a dream of hitting 6 figures in my business, and hone in on a strategic product suite and launch strategy to scale. Within 5 months of working with Demi, not only did I hit 6 figures, I'm on my way to MULTIPLE 6 figures by year end!  Demi helped me to have a $63,000 launch, and a $36,000 cash month. I now have recurring revenue in my business and have so much confidence.  I cannot recommend Demi enough for how she transformed my business. Her support, and strategy as a partner in business is what helped me hit those crazy milestones. If you're wanting to have 30,000 months - highly recommend you work with Demi. She is truly someone who cares so much about her clients, will work WITH you to customize your strategy and she'll help you reach your goals, that you didn't even think were possible''.


$100,000 in 6 Months 

''I worked with Demi for 4 months, and trust me when I tell you that my time with her was LIFE CHANGING. I was struggling to sell my offers, and business felt hard, and I felt anxious all the time. She helped me to build out a strategic customer journey  and custom marketing and sales strategies that felt so good for me. Everything we did together was so collaborative, she helped me do business MY way. She was always in my corner, and taught me how to trust my business decisions [which is priceless]. Because of Demi, and the skills that I've learned, I consistently have 5 figure sales months in business, had a $35,000 launch, and am on track from $0 to hit 6 figures this year in 6 months. Not only did I 6-tuple my investment in the 4 months we worked together, I walked away with a mentor, and a friend''.  


$35,000 in 6 Months 

''If you're looking for a mentor that hypes you up, talks you through all the shit that comes with being an entrepreneur AND has vast expertise in the world of sales, marketing & launching then Demi is THE ONE for you. I have been supported by Demi in multiple different containers (course, intensive, group & mastermind) and her support is unmatched. The mastermind container is the most expansive program I have been apart of and brang me unmatched results in all aspects of my business (sales, personal growth, implementable knowledge ...the list could go on forever).  I made 35K cash during the program and that amount is only going up. I am so proud of my growth as a person and business owner. Not only is she kick ass at her job but also such a genuine, fun loving woman to surround yourself with. Demi, I love you & thank you for your continued support. ''

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