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Updated: May 5

For some, Launching can be scary AF! It's not just about having an incredible offer, its about putting yourself out there and "hoping" your ideal client buys.

in my world however- we don't use hope as a strategy for a launch.... we use an actual marketing strategy.

How would it feel to have 4, or even 5 figures secured BEFORE you publicly launch your next offer? Pretty damn good right?

Focusing on pre-selling strategies for your launch is an incredible way to PREP + PRIME your ideal clients for what's coming, and generate sales before your launch actually goes live.

NUMBER ONE: Sharing teasers and sneak peaks on Social media to create curiosity and FOMO with your ideal clients - get them to guess what's coming, leave Easter eggs and hints, take them along the journey with you of the creation offer.

NUMBER TWO: Privately invite your past clients, and the hottest leads before doors open with a bonus for joining. [ only do this if you know if your offer makes sense for them to join. Make sure to welcome anyone that joins publicly to build more curiosity.

NUMBER THREE: Start/Use your close friends list to see who in your community wants MORE of you, Give those interested deeper educational "private" trainings to help build trust, and start pre selling early on your close friends list.

Mastering launching (and content creation) TRANSFORMED my business, use these 3 strategies in your next launch and let me know how you got on! Plus, if you want a little extra support - you can grab my free launch content templates HERE


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