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How to Sell Your Next Offer on Instagram Stories!

Plus a bonus for you at the end of this Blog post!

If you want to make more sales and see more DMs coming through with ''SIGN ME UP'' from your Instagram stories, then you've come to the right place:

My clients have seen sold out launches, signed $5000+ clients, and even made up to $51,000 in 48 hours from Selling Strategically on Instagram Stories!

Here's exactly how you are going to introduce your next offer on stories to get more sales! Let's get into it...

Step ONE: Set the Context for why you have created this offer:

Your first few story slides should be setting the context for your offer so your audience knows exactly what the offer is about, what you have learned, and why they should pay attention to it:


________ is the reason I have _________ [result]

Over the past X_____ [months/years] I have been working on perfecting _______, this is why I have achieved ________

______ happened to me in the past and here is what I realized ______...

Lead with the Story and the Context to EXCITE those who are reading and watching. This build trust and CONNECTS your ideal clients to your story behind why you created your offer.


A pro tip here is to have BRANDING for every offer. The more effort you put in, the more people are going to buy.

Here are some examples of how you will present the offer:

I'm EXCITED to introduce you to ________ [offer]!

I knew I needed to create this because ________ [make this about the problems you see the ideal client running into, what you have heard from potential clients [their struggle] time and time again..

Inside this program you will learn... _________ [add potent bull-it points of what they will learn and why it is important to getting the desired result]

The key here is to WARM PEOPLE UP to the pitch of your offer before you sell it.

Tell the story behind the offer and why it is important. People will listen to you more if you are telling them WHY you are the person to teach them/ help them solve their problem.

Think about how people FEEL as they are watching and interacting with your Instagram stories

Pro tips: Create the suspense, use emojis, peak their interest and get them to think about and reflect on their journey.

You need to stop overcomplicating how you are selling on your Instagram Stories.

If you are 100% EMBODIED in your offer - you will make sales. If you don't have a story behind your offer and why you created it - that's why it's not selling.

If you are creating offers because you think it will

- make you more money

- It's a ''popular topic that will be easy to sell''

- It's what I think people will want...


-Here's what I went through, let me teach form this

-Here's what I implemented, tried, and my findings for what worked, I can't wait to share this and help others

-Here's why I BELIEVE SO much in creating an offer on X...

There's probably a reason you're not making as many sales..

Because you sound like everyone else when you're selling


But when you're telling YOUR STORY for WHY you created an offer, what you went through, what you KNOW to be true... there's a completely different feeling towards your content, sales, and message.

Take a minute, write your offer story, and then go and share it and sell...

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