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I Wear A Lot Of Hats

I talk about this all the time on my podcast. Results are not EASY by any means, but I offer varied support to the close proximity clients in my community.

Running + Scaling a successful business isn't just about how *good* you are at what you do...

It's about how GOOD you are at being an

entrepreneur + CEO...

If you want to truly scale a business that:

  • Does Multiple 5 figure Months consistently

  • Has a HOT and loyal audience

  • Gives you a space where you can sell ''effortlessly''

  • Is a recognized brand +++ all the other perks

You have to be able to wear more than 1 hat....

The Hats

We have to wear a lot of HATS 🎩 🧢👒👑 And navigating wearing a lot of hats is not easy. It takes you developing the skillset, knowledge and having guidance to be able to move, shift, and switch hats when necessary. I like to break it down into 3 *main* hats (although there are many, many more…) 1st: you have to be good at what you do. You have to LOVE it. You have to EMBODY it. You have to have a service that solves a problem and empowers your ideal clients to live a better, easier, more fulfilled, happier life.


What I do to support women, teaching strategy, holding space, answering Qs, uncovering blind spots, showing you the way, leading that way, embodying what I preach

But that’s only step one….. 😅🥵

Now you have to be able to: 👉 develop result-driven offers + products 👉 build a strategic customer journey to retain clients and increase repeat buyers + further your ideal client's transformation. 👉 market and create content that will not only reach, but SPEAK to them directly and position you as the go to option. 👉 Be able to SELL those offers to your audience (And allll the other strategies that come with building a profitable and scaleable biz) Not to mention being able to invest, play a long-term game and PLAN for success.


2. CEO:

Operations, thinking logically, strategic marketing + sales, building the team, systems, looking at long term growth strategies, investing decisions because -DUH.

And then #3, the entrepreneur gene 🧬…. Being able to be creative, innovative, to have FUN, be willing to trial and error, get down and dirty, dare to be SEEN. Misunderstood, to keep trying to things, to invent different and to stand out from the crowd.


FUN + playful ideas, innovation, trial and error, constant creation mode

Being an incredible Mentor is only 33% of me being able to scale a million dollar/year + company.

I mean look at Taylor Swift - singer, songwriter (SHES INCREDIBLE at what she does) but then she is also a CEO… thinks long term (like 3 years in advance lol) is innovative with her marketing (an absolutely genius- her brain should be studied), and she’s an entrepreneur with her creativity, trial and error, and constant creation.


People hire me because I can wear all 3 hats and mentor them to do the same.​​​​​​​ When clients hire me - they don’t just hire me to “teach the strategy”, they hire me to step INTO becoming the best at navigating and wearing all the HATS to scale.

This is about the ENTIRE PICTURE of what it takes to build a business + a brand.

Hate to break it to you, but you could be THE MOST INCREDIBLE person ever at what you do... but without the actual BUSINESS strategy of offer suite development, audience growth, brand building, marketing, content, systems, launch strategy, and sales strategy...

You won't be able to communicate it to your audience and sales will remain slow. Not to mention you won't have the business structure to even support scaling.

** this is NOT talked about enough, and is an essential reason as to why my business was able to scale quickly. Why my clients are doing things like 50-60K+ months… My hats change daily, multiple times a day.

BEST BET?! Hire a mentor who embodies and wears all 3 ++ hats daily and can SHOW you how to navigate that + scale up. You'll go farther, faster.

If you're ready to invest in high-level mentorship --


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