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5 Steps for Multi-5 Figure Launches

You want the EXACT steps to multi-5 figure launches?

Guess you've come to the right place....

Follow these exact steps 👉

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    • Evaluate the gaps in your market.

    • Evaluate your areas of expertise and your positioning strategy.

    • Create a transformational, result-driven offer that is the solution to the problems/feelings your ideal client is currently experiencing.

    • Understand the framework, be intentional, and be clear on who you're calling in for this offer.


    • Share with ideal clients the journey of creating this offer.

    • How are you positioning the offer itself, and YOU as the problem solver to be different than the rest? This is where you need to lean in to your expertise.

    • Having a framework to support their journey from point A-B helps your ideal client visualize how and why they are going to get results.


    • Creating Problem Aware + Educational content to warm up your ideal client to the offer before launching.

    • Being self-aware of where you and your audience stands in regards to warmth.

    • Start creating the launch plan and ensuring that AWARENESS of their problem, and the need for your offer is there before you go to sell. ** lead generation & networking play a role here too.


    • Let your close friends, current/past clients in on the details of the offer first.

      • [ONLY if they would be a best fit of course].

    • Use a bonus for them to join if you wish.

    • This is a chance to pre-sell spots before opening to the public.

      • [there's no better feeling than pre-selling before you publicly launch]


    • Depending on your offer + audience this is where you would launch:

      • an EPIC free opt in

      • launch your waitlist

      • or announce the offer for ready-to-go sign ups ** get yourself customized support on this. Everyone's launch strategy will be different dependent on pricing, audience, trust, brand, and the offer itself...

The thing is...

There are crucial steps to a securing a 5, or multi 5, [even a 6 figure launch]... and not every step can be defined in a simple email, or even free training or course...

It's why you NEED customized support inside of your business if you truly want to have that epic sold out launch celebration feeling.

Custom Marketing, Custom Sales and Custom Launch planning - this is where I come in ;)

I didn’t get to a place of having consistent multiple 5, and a 6 figure launches by staying on the struggle bus when I knew I needed support. (And neither did my clients) Let’s get you the customized sold out strategy you deserve. ✌🏻🎉 My methods and strategies are proven - clearly lol! So LFG!🎉🎉💸💸✨✨

If you're ready to invest in high-level support & mentorship


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