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5 Steps To Booking Your Next Dream Client

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Hey friend!

I totally get it can be frustrating when you are not booking consistent clients.

There was a time when I started my business that my goal was to make an extra $200 a month to pay for my car insurance

When I got into the online space and saw others making 5-10K + months - I increased my goal - Now I had recently signed on my first client - but clients weren’t exactly knocking down my digital door, so reaching that 5-10K month felt a little… well.. Ofar off.

Fast forward about 6 months into started my business and I had replaced my 9-5 income and then some!

So how did I make this happen? Well it started with me understanding how to book consistent clients - at a high ticket rate.

Before I give you the ‘’how’’ - we need to understand why you’re not currently consistently booking clients: so let’s look at some MISTAKES I see entrepreneurs making

  • You're doing too much busy work, not enough needle- moving activities [AKA your money -generating client getting activities]

  • You’re unclear on your offer and niche which is causing your content to come across to broad [when you speak to everyone - you speak to noone]

  • You have no marketing plan or strategy

  • Your pricing is too low and doesn't attract high-quality clients

  • You believe selling is sleazy

  • You’re not showing your audience who you truly are, and networking with them

  • You try to figure everything out by yourself instead of hiring a mentor

So let’s get you booking consistent clients:

1. Offer Clarity: focuses here are creating your unique framework, getting clear on the structure of your offer, boundaries, and pricing before you promote.

2. Ideal client clarity: what problem does the above offer solve for your ideal client? What gap is it filling? And what is the result of working with you?

3. Map out your messaging and content strategy that portrays steps 1 and 2! (This is honestly where a lot of you get lost - you don’t know how to create content that attracts the ideal client directly to you)

4. Once you have content to post that you know will get inquiries (cause you’re a content strategic Queen👑) go network, get seen, and build connections with your ideal clients!

5. SELL your offer everyday and be prepared to handle sales convos when inquiries start coming in! Get clear on your sales strategy and sell through your content daily 💁🏼‍♀️

I just put out a new Youtube Video all about Content for your Business to sign more clients!



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