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7 Focuses for 7 Figures

7 Focuses for 7 Figures
7 Focuses for 7 Figures

In the past 3 years, we’ve done a little over $1.8 million in sales


When someone asks me “how”… it’s hard to give a concrete answer. It was everything. Every business pillar. Consistency. Investment. Mindset. Becoming. But I broke it down into 7 pillars.

Of course there are more, but here are the main 7:

1. Community Growth + Visibility

3 years ago? No one knew who the hell I was. How could I help them? Why should they trust me?

The dedication to building a community and getting visible was a top priority then, and is still a top priority today.

  • Focus on giving highly valuable content -- consistently.

  • Building relationships (through content + actually chatting with humans and inviting them to connect with me!)

  • Building trust through consistency, content, and my result-driven programs. Sharing the BTS.

  • Building brand loyalty

2. Offer Development + Retention Plan

(Strategic Customer Journey)

Don't confuse the BUYER journey with the CUSTOMER journey.

Buyer Journey 👉 the way someone makes their first purchase with you

Customer Journey 👉 how they move through your offer suite after their first purchase. (They may also be in the buyer journey / customer journey at the same time)

Ensure you have offers that make sense for your ideal clients' problem:

  • Total transformation

  • Different price points for different offers and touch points

  • Stop making every offer the entire kitchen sink. You DO NOT need to "give it all" in order to provide an epic transformation.

3. Scaleable Offers

What happens after you book out your 1:1 / DFY hours? Does your business actually allow you to scale to 7 figures? Do you have the time, space, capacity to operate a 7 figure company right now?

  • Work on developing offers that can support a much larger capacity

  • Offers that also do not require you to be "on" or accessible all of the time (passive, groups, digital products)

  • Clean up the back end of your business (take it from me... I wouldn't have reached the 7 figure mark without a clean backend)

4. Launching

Launch strategy changed the game for me. Understanding HOW to launch properly to optimize offer awareness, buyer awareness (why they need the offer), and sales.

  • Build more visibility

  • Build your email list

  • Sometimes, depending on your strategy allows new humans to enter your world for free to build trust (and show them a gap to why they need your offer)

  • Pre-launch strategies to maximize signups and appeal to different buyers in your community

  • Launching helped to prioritize recurring revenue

5. Marketing + Messaging

Having an epic marketing and messaging strategy for your offers is key. You could have the BEST offer in the world, and without being able to be visible, and speak to your ideal client, it won't matter -- they ain't buying!

👉 Do your market research. Actually speak with your ideal clients. Start incorporating competitor analysis, fly on the wall strategies to understand your ideal client on a deeper level.

The best marketing strategy you have is to be yourself. Be transparent. Speak to your buyers in an empowering way (we are def moving away from pain point marketing) - speak to the desire instead. Tell them why they need YOU specifically, and your offer.

6. Sales Strategies

Sales strategy is essential to making money (obviously). This is where you are closing your ideal clients!

  • Sales in the DMs: Lead the conversation.

  • Sales calls: In my world, I don't do sales calls often. Only when the client is 99.9% sure they're in, I've prequalified them, they've selected which payment option they'd desire, and they just want a face-to-face before investing $18-25k (I get it!!)

  • Sales strategy: Allows you to break down the barriers the client has between them and getting what they want. Share your story, opinions on investing, handle objections if you feel called to.

7. High Level Mentorship

What got me to 6-figures is not what took me to multi 6/7 figures. While I've always trusted myself, I would not be here on my own.

  • Staying plugged into mentorship the entire way through for me was essential as I navigated each new level, challenge, pivot, emotion & celebration 🎉

  • The biggest ROI I've ever received from any investment is from mentorship. I've invested a little over $150,000 in mentorship the past 3 years, and I've generated a little over $1.8 million in all time sales (1110% increase on investment) 🤯

  • Putting myself in the room with other powerful women levelled me up beyond belief.

  • The embodiment of what I preach can be FELT through my energy, content, and brand. This is a main reason why people hire me, they can see the leadership and commitment.

I lied. There's 8 things.

8. Team + Systems + Ops Support

Having my business set up as a machine - workflows, automations, systems - so that I don't have to "do" all the time was a GAME CHANGER. Shoutout to my COO Rhi (@sopsbyrhi) that changed the game for my schedule, business ops, systems and overall life.

  • Having systems + team allows you to get more done, in less time. You'll be more productive, your energy won't be leaky - which will only lead to better results for you & your clients.

  • Scaling to 7 figures requires a strong backend and team. You may be able to do it "all alone," but then don't complain when you're overworked, capped out, and things start slippin'

If you’re someone wanting to scale a business you can’t stay the same. You have to be willing to be dedicated and committed to the growth and the journey. My high level programs are enrolling. Ready for more? To put yourself in the room? To ask me any questions you desire? To have me as a partner In business? To create more impact and income than ever before?

If you're ready to invest in high-level mentorship too --


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