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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

4 steps that you NEED to walk your potential clients through to go from FOLLOWER > PAYING CLIENT!

Here's an UNPOPULAR OPINION for my online business owner friends today!

....but posting just tips and tricks (that wonderful educational content that you are creating) everyday is not going to sell your offer or sign you clients.

I know you've been taught to ''give value'' but if that's all you're doing - there's a reason why no one is biting at buying from you.

It’s time we beef up your content strategy and sell out your offer, using the buyer stages!

This is something that I learned back in University when I studied marketing + consumer behaviour - and implementing buyer psychology into my business has honestly been one the reasons I believe I was able to scale very quickly.

(I also have a free masterclass on the 4 buyer stages which I will link below, so make sure you download it if you're keen to learn more about how you can convert your followers into clients from your content!)

So... what are the 4 stages to keep in mind as you post your content? Let's dive in!

1. The UNAWARENESS stage - In this stage your ideal client is UNAWARE they even have a problem! (people can’t buy if they don’t know they have a problem!) It is your job as the business owner to create problem awareness content to show your ideal client why they may be struggling, or how to achieve a better result using your signature method.

For example: Maybe you didn't even know that you had a problem with just posting educational tips tricks before I made you AWARE.

2. The AWARENESS stage - Good job! You’ve grabbed their attention and now they are thinking about this problem! They are probably doing a light google search as we speak. In this stage we should ask them some questions to start getting them thinking on the right track and providing a TINY bit of value to help them take the next step into solving this problem so they don't become overwhelmed and place it on the back burner... (we want them to buy!)

3. The CONSIDERATION stage - Since you've gotten them thinking, and have provided some value/insight to their next move of solving this problem they've become hooked on you and your content! After all, if you are the one that pointed out their problem to them - you should have the answers to solve it! During this stage they are considering the pros and cons of solving their problem + hiring you to help them. Your dream client is looking for answers, this is time time to post authority driven content, talking about your past clients experience with this same issue, or yours and how you solved it (giving them the WHAT, not the HOW). Showcasing why your offer is the best to help them solve their problem, and also highlighting once again on the consequence they will face if the problem remains unsolved.

4. The DECISION phase: time for your potential client to decide if they are going to buy or not! Show them your social proof and handle any objections they may throw your way in your content! It may also be a great time to generate urgency to buy Example: X spots left! Limited Spaces available!



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