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Everyone Has A Different Journey

Did you really start your business to ask yourself the constant question of ''when will they buy?''

Or did you start your business to share your message,

help others, be a leader and show them what's possible?

The thing about the buyer journey is that…. IT IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!! 😱😱😱 So your constant pressure for your audience to “buy now” and then getting disappointed when you don’t make 100K in a day is…. You guessed it: not helping you. You cannot control when people buy, but you can control how you show up.

It is your J O FRIGGIN' B to show up.

Stop trying to control when people will buy.

Stop putting pressure on your audience to buy now, and then being SAD when ''it's not working''... cause it is WORKING.

You have to trust it.

You have to show up even when it ''feels'' like it isn't working...


I had 5 humans on completely different journeys join my world in the past week. Client A: followed me - inquired - applied - joined! (7K) Client B: Past client, silent lurker, knows what she wanted - joined! (18K) Client C: Followed me, has been in my world for a while! Got into some free/low ticket offers, was silently watching here and there, signed up for a month of mentorship - then jumped into my minimind! (7K) Client D: followed me for what feels like years!! Said no to me last year, joined 1 micro offer, then was ready for the minimind! (7K) Client E: was in a past mastermind with me Jan 2021 (so almost 2 years ago), was watching silently for the past year of my growth, came in completely unexpectedly and joined private mentorship (25K) That’s 64K in sales in the past week… from all different humans, from all walks of life, on all different journeys. But I stayed committed. I stayed consistent. I focused on ME, my growth, my investments. I continued to lead, rise, and didn’t put the pressure on HOW and NOW to “get people to buy”. It’s your job to show up. Even when it feels like “it’s not working”. It only stops working when you stop showing up. Your need for the instant sign-ups is not helping you rise, lead, and attract the right people. Just a reminder for those of you who need it.

You HAVE to be IN IT for the LONG TERM. ✌🏻✨

If you're ready to invest in high-level mentorship --


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