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For When You Need A Little Inspiration...

Hey Gorgeous 👋

Sometimes we all need a little pep talk, or a little inspiration. Especially when we're on the journey to build and scale a successful online business. This can be a lonely space.

Feel free to listen to my podcast. Running a business is not EASY by any means, but I'm here to support you and the rest of my community.

Bookmark this post for when you need that little extra boost in your day, because... I see you. I know you’re dreaming about:

  • Getting paid while you sleep AND waking up to new inquiries 😴

  • Being able to say “it doesn’t matter” about the price when booking your weekend getaway ✨

  • Having a community of incredible people who trust you and want to invest in any offer you put out 💖

  • Being able to treat your family and friends to dinners and experiences 🥂

  • Being able to just buy the damn shoes 👠

  • That freeing feeling of not having to worry about that next house or car payment 🚘

I know you’re sitting there looking at her income success.

$20K, $50K, $100K months, wondering "when will it be my turn?"

Knowing so deeply that this kind of impact and income would change your entire world. Knowing that you are meant for more. I know this, because that was me too. It will be your turn, soon. I promise. In 2020 I was selling coaching for $300 for 3 months. In the past 3 months alone we’ve made over

$300,000 cash. But here’s what I’ve learned along the way as I scaled this business: Your dreams are not her dreams. Her offers, her marketing, her product suite reflects her desired life, not yours. Put the blinders on, dig deep into your heart, brain and soul and find what you want for you and your dream client - then RUN with it. Leaning into being 100% unapologetically you is what is going to be your magnetic factor. Your journey, your experience, your personality, your uniqueness: the real, the raw and the messy. Stop over analyzing every strategy/thing that this online space tells you. You don’t “HAVE” to do anything. Stop trying to implement strategies that you don’t actually understand. Stop trying to implement strategies that straight up don’t feel good for you. They will not work. Stop letting your fear win your battles.

Fear of judgement, fear of showing up, fear of investing, fear of being different.

Stop. Letting. Fear. Win. You are not “behind”. You have so much time. Stop spending your energy doubting yourself, comparing yourself… you’ve already come so far. Old you DREAMED of being where you are today. I know you were made for this, just as much as you know it. Take a second, and just reflect on how far you’ve already come.

I’m so proud of you❤️

If you're ready to step into my world --


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