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Here's What Happened After I Invested $42,000 in Full to My New Mentor

I've invested in my fair share of masterminds, programs, and mentors over the years, and they have all been massive factors in why I am where I am today as a now 7 figure business owner. My most recent investment in myself was a $42,000 pay-in-full coaching experience with a new mentor I hadn't ever worked with before. The journey of how I made this investment was a move embodying everything that I preach about on my podcast, to my community, and in my programs. If making an investment this large sounds scary AF to you, I want you to witness the backend of why I decided I needed a mentor at this level and what happened after I invested $42,000 in full to my new mentor.

Why I Hired My Dream Coach

I have a running list of dream coaches on my phone, and I keep this list as a manifestation that these are the coaches I want to work with. I had been eyeing Steph forever because her work is incredible, and her client results are mind-blowing! Overall, we share the same business values, and I really wanted to work with her.

But for the longest time, I put off hiring her. I caught myself slipping into a scarcity mindset around investing $42,000 in full, with no other payment option. I talked myself out of investing countless times because I feared being judged since so many people told me how insane it was to spend that much money on a coach.

When I invested in Steph, my new mentor, I had already invested over 120k, so I thought I could do things independently. I was on the fence about either hiring a new mentor or a team to help me inside my business. My mindset was telling me that it had to be one or the other; I couldn't have both my dream mentor and a dream team to support me. It was then that I knew I was keeping myself small, and if I wanted to have both, I 100% could make that happen for myself. I realized there was no point in me choosing one or the other because, as a CEO, I need to make strong business decisions. I have to move first, make it work, and figure out how to make it happen.

My Thought Process To Investing $42,000 in Full To My New Mentor

Whenever I need to lean in and make a powerful business move, I always ask myself, "if I was my dream client right now, how would I be acting? How would I come to this decision?" You must embody your dream client to be a boss CEO, and I knew that my dream client would never hold themselves back from something they knew they needed. As a leader and 7 figure business mentor, I wanted to show my clients and audience what it takes to go all in!

As soon as I said yes to that investment and took the leap of faith in myself, I had a sigh of relief come over me. It didn't feel like I was losing something. Instead, I stepped into that next-level version of myself and the leader I wanted to be. Paying a new mentor in full was an uplevel for me, but now it feels incredibly empowering to lead the way for my clients who are making this impact in their business too.

Transformations I Experienced During This Mentorship Container

After I made the $42,000 pay in full investment to Steph, I messaged her declaring my commitment for the next three months of our mentorship together. I was ready to…

  • Elevate my clientele and boundaries

  • Become exclusive with those who come into my proximity.

  • Scale my business to 100k months

  • Evaluate my offer suite for any gaps

  • Become a better leader

It wasn’t shortly after I invested that I actually hit my first 100k month in my business - and we hadn’t even gotten on our first call yet! Because I took action and felt aligned with my decision and purpose, I felt more excited again. Before making this investment, I felt a lack of alignment in my business from having low sales and no mentor to figure out how to work through it. Once I paid her in full, I watched my sales skyrocket with inquiries coming in left, right, and center of people I had never even chatted with before.

How To Lean Into Self Trust When Investing In Yourself

Imagine where you could be if you hadn't spent months questioning whether a certain investment was right for you. It's time to choose to end the cycle! Wasting time wondering and coming up with a million different possibilities is what's standing between yourself and taking action. The vision of what you are building deserves to be committed to. You deserve to get the support you need, and you deserve NOT to have to wait to move.

Before I sent the payment in full, I had two weeks without a single sale or inquiry - it was crickets in my business. I could have taken this as a "sign" that I wasn't ready to invest, but instead, I leaned into self-trust of who I wanted to be. When you're an entrepreneur, there will be times when you make 20k in a day, and there will be days when you don't make anything. The true testimony to you as a CEO, leader, and Entrepreneur is how you hold yourself and continue to move forward during those down periods.

It's time to ditch the excuses and hire that coach you always wanted to work with. When you actually get to share with your audience that you're embodying everything you preach about, that is where integrity comes into play. This is how you empower people to do the same and lead them through their journey. Most people in the world choose to be a follower, but you have the opportunity every day to show up as the 1% for your community as someone who truly leads.

I waited months to hire my dream mentor, and within less than 30 days, I hit my main goal of 100k months. After making this investment, I feel more excited about my business than ever before. But, what happened after I invested $42,000 in full to my mentor wasn't just some magic pill you can take and have all these sales flowing in. My foundations, frameworks, and audience were already there for me. I've been consistent, I show up every single day and do the work to support through that uplevel. Whoever your dream coach is, stop waiting and start doing! If you loved witnessing the back-end experience of my business, then there is so much more in store for you to learn from. My CEO Inner Circle is THE place to be for unfiltered content on the day-to-day of building and scaling an online company!


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