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Mindset Spirals?

Mindset Spirals? I can relate.

You name it - I’ve navigated it. 🥵 Entrepreneurship is a whole big MOOD. There will be days you feel on top of the world and there will be days you feel like 💩 Working on emotional intelligence and self awareness through it all was a must for me. (Even if I didn’t always realize I was doing that work)

I've had the EXACT SAME mindset spirals as you.

When I was investing big & not seeing a huge return.

When no one was reaching out about my offers,

even though I was selling every day.

When I didn't make any new sales for a month

& it was already the 15th.

Here's what I did to overcome them 👉

  • Stopped throwing myself pity parties.

    • Instead, I asked myself what more I could do.

      • Where could I nurture my community more?

      • Where could I show up more?

      • Got my ass up and WORKED!

      • Tried different things.

      • Failed. A lot.

      • Kept getting back up AGAIN & AGAIN!

  • Didn't complain about the work or using my energy to nurture my community.

    • I knew I had to build myself up & NOTHING was just going to be handed to me just because I was investing.

    • I had to do the WORK:

      • Free masterclasses

      • Conversations in the DMs

      • Providing VALUE every day

      • Live Q&As

      • Live series

      • Market research calls

    • Recognize that it takes A LOT of work to make something look "effortless."

  • Stopped the comparison game.

    • Full blown stop.

    • Used others success as EMPOWERMENT.

    • Stopped getting down on myself for "not being where she is" yet.

  • Believed in myself to figure it out.

    • Was it scary having more income going out than in at times? Yes.

    • Did I know I would do whatever it took to get myself to where I wanted to be? Also yes.

    • PERSONALLY (this is NOT advice) I even upped my credit limit with the belief I would be able to 100% pay it off the next month. And I did.

  • Self awareness & wanting everything NOW.

    • Focused on what I could control vs. what I couldn't.

    • Focused on not trying to "be like" women who were steps ahead of me.

    • Got clear on what I needed to do at MY STAGE in business to move forward.

    • Recognized the same strategies that worked for "her" were not going to work for me when I was still building trust.

  • Stopped listening to the opinions of the masses.

    • Instead of listening to what everyone else was saying, I listened to two people:

      • Myself

      • My mentor

    • I stayed focused on ONE thing.

    • I stopped wasting time consuming everyone's content.

If you listen to my podcast, you'll know I talk about this a lot, but it's hard. I also hold space and support all of the close proximity clients in my community.

What you see here today is a direct reflection of everything I’ve been through. Everything I’ve navigated.

Alongside the grit, determination, commitment, and the ability to pick myself back up even on the days that felt hard.

Some days still feel hard.

This is why mentorship is so important, so potent. To walk with someone that can validate you, tell you that your feelings are normal lol, and guide you on how to get through it.

You hold all the power. Go DO something with it!

Make a move, invest, sell your offer…

You control the speed at which you rise.

You control the dedication and level of commitment you choose to portray.

You control the daily moves you make.

You control how you respond to what’s happening in your world.

Hold yourself to a higher standard. ❤️

If you're ready to invest in high-level support--


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