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Selling Everything & The Kitchen Sink?!

Having ''kitchen sink'' offers is stopping you from SCALING TO $20-50-100K MONTHS.

If you listen to my podcast, you'll know, I talk about this all of the time. I work toward refining offers and achieving these high sales months with the close proximity clients in my community.

Here's what you can do to make the shift...

If you're putting everything into every offer you're going to find that your client retention, experience, and monthly recurring revenue will slow down, and you'll be forced into always having to find new people to sell to... this is not ideal.

Not to mention if every offer gives everything - you'll start confusing your dream clients - while totally exhausting your brain on how to market, sell, and create...

Both of these things will result in clients not taking action to purchase, being too overwhelmed in an offer that they get mediocre results and you burning out...

I see this a lot… (as one example for a “transformation”) 👉Join my $97 masterclass that shows you how to scale to 10K! 👉Join my group program to scale to 10K! 👉Join my private to scale to 10K! Bored and confused yet? As your ideal client.. I’d be like 🤔🥴 There needs to be a clear distinction in what each of your offers is delivering to your client. WHY they need to be in it. What type of access they will be getting to you. And they can’t all have the same transformation 🥵

Now... introducing Micro offers into your product an incredible way to ensure that:

  • You have a strategic customer journey

  • You can serve a much wider range of entrepreneur because there is a clear focus and outcome for the offer

  • You'll always have offers to sell [how is it you think I come up with all my offers?] It does not have to be so complicated...

  • You can create more 1:many offers to reduce the amount of time spent on calls while increasing income

  • You can make money literally every single day 🤑

  • Client retention rates increase

  • Client results increase

  • Your excitement and experience as a business owner, CEO and creative increase

Plan your offers around the MAIN topics you teach on.


  • Figure out how you can deliver it [masterclass, small group program, mini course, workshop?]

  • Plan quarterly, yearly, or go with the flow [I use all of these strategies lol]

  • Plan different price points strategically for your launches - low, mid, high

  • Ensure the support varies at each level - this way your clients can grow with you

  • Have upsell and downsell offers available during your launch period

  • Have fun and easy payment plan options available to create recurring revenue! [Imagine having 20-50,000 in recurring revenue monthly... this gets to be your reality]

When clients work with me we look at planning strategically for their offer suites.

My goal for all of my clients is to start each month with a HECK ton of recurring revenue so they don't have to stress, or feel pressure to sell - that is NOT the vibe.

We create plans to ensure they can continue to stack income to scale. 💸

When you see people having $20-50K-100K months - usually a MASSIVE part of that success is built from recurring revenue and a strategic offer suite.

[Which creates so much clarity in your marketing and sales process]

Ready to get some clarity and map out your product suite?!


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