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Let’s talk business boundaries 👀💕

My boundaries used to be a HOT MESS, and I quickly found out that it leads to burnout, resentment and capped income + impact.

so this one’s for you guys 🎉

If you needed it - here’s your permission slip to hold stronger boundaries in your world.

Swipe for signs you need to tighten up!👉👉👉

1. Super duper extended payment plans just to fill spots (never works out well)

Listen... I get it... you want people to be able to ''get in'', and you like that recurring revenue... however - this isn't scaleable for you and puts you at higher risk of not being paid in full.


If a client cannot afford the regular payment plan, look to explore other options.

Keep an eye on your marketing + messaging as well so you call in clients who are AWARE of the payments to be made and READY to pay you as such.

2. Responding 24/7 in Voxer/slack - even on the weekends!!!

Be honest... We've all been there.

Giving your clients Voxer access to you - DOES NOT mean you have to be ''on demand'' 24/7. This is actually not helpful to you - or your clients.

If you don't communicate your Voxer/Slack etc boundaries from the beginning you're going to end up resenting it. [do you know what yours are?]

3. Spending ALL of your time helping your clients grow - and not spending anytime on your business growth.

More calls, more clients, more more more... is NOT how you scale. [TRUST ME]

You need to ensure you have days in your schedule WITHOUT client calls.

If you're spending every waking hour right now: on calls, in Voxer, doing content review, checking in, following up, holding their's time to put stronger boundaries and processes in place so you have time to work on YOUR business too.

You CAN scale to multi-5 figure+ months and still provide an EPIC client experience.

4. People asking you for free coaching in the DMs and they never end up buying anything (plz put a stop to this!)

That potential client you're trying to ''nurture'' who has 370279231 questions and is trying to get answers for free in your DMs is NOT the one.

Try this instead:

''Hey name! Thanks so much for your question! Unfortunately this is the type of question and support I offer my paying clients, so I cannot answer that here in the DMs in fairness to them. I do have a few offers in mind we can chat through to find the best fit to support you with your goals! Would you be open to that?''

Clients who when you don’t respond on voxer try and sneak a Q in on Instagram

I don't even bother responding. They know better than that. But make sure to communicate those boundaries for communication

Ps: just because you’re showing up on social media on the weekends doesn’t mean your clients need access to you on the weekends. (And you’re not a bad coach, mentor, OSP for not responding outside of your boundary) 🙌🙌

🫣spending ALL of your time focused on your clients businesses instead of your own - time and place babes. Tighten up that calendar, systems and processes!

More doesn’t always equal better 😉

What resonated with you most and what are you going to change and implement moving forward to tighten your boundaries?! 😍

DM me over on Instagram @yourbizcoachdemi and let me know!!!


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