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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Let's talk about what might need to change in your online business strategy if you haven't hit your first 5K month yet. (I'm so excited hehehe)

PS: HEYYYY!! If you don't know me, I'm Demi from @yourbizcoachdemi. I'm a Business Mentor for online CEO's who are ready to scale to build 6 and multi- 6 figure businesses online through marketing, launching, and sales strategy.

But before we can be 6 figure CEO's we need to get the foundations and basics down pat first - which is why I'm writing about hitting those 5K months - consistently - first.

So.. if you haven't hit that sweet as pie, sustainable - suit my soul-sucking 9-5 5K month yet... here's what may (probably...) needs to change with your business day-to-day activities.

1️⃣Your method for attracting and landing clients

👉What got you to 1K, 2K even 3K won't take you to 5K. (without the burnout)

It's time to stop applying to #jobopp posts with 102 other comments saying ''pick me!''

It's time to stop relying to sites like fiver and upwork to attract high ticket clients

it's time to STOP (for the love of God) charging hourly and instead create irresistible packages you can sell for a higher ticket

It's time to STOP being the jack of all trades and the ''I can do anything for you girl'', and start being an expert in your niche - or having a specific area of business in which you can use your unique skillset to stand out.

2️⃣Audience Loyalty

👉Showing up as your most genuine self and being a LEADER for your industry. Giving high value and building genuine consistent relationships!

This is not the 9-5, or hospitality gig where you have to suck up your pride everyday, and put on an act of a girl and a personality you are NOT. Guess what - your dreamy AF clients want to see YOU. They will be attracted to your unique energy, vibe, mannerisms, and want to have you on their team for that reason!

Being yourself is the key to standing out in your industry and calling in those higher ticket soulmate clients - because DAMN - your offer might not be ''one in a million'' but you sure are :)

3️⃣Raising your damn prices babes

👉Come on, kick the Imposter Monster to the curb...

I want you to go back and reminisce on all of the past experience, job roles, volunteer activities, hobbies that you have had and ask yourself what skills you learned from each. If you can put your unique asset and skillset and intertwine them into your offer- you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Niching down your offer (not even your ideal client), and crafting packages that serve your ideal clients at different levels of support is how you will grow + scale.

Think about this.....

If you're trying to get to a 5K month charging 30.00 an hour... that's 166.67 hours you will have to work per month. (billable to your clients - not even working on ANYTHING in your own business, which we all know takes alot of time!)

Break that down even further: that's 41.66 hours/week... (and add another 10-20 on top of that for working on your own business)

Didn't you start your biz for time + financial freedom?

But... if you create a package and let's just say that client pays you 1000/month for 5 Horus a week that the package takes you to complete for them

5 x 5 (clients) = 25 billable hours/week

1000 x 5 = 5000....

that's HALF the workload... and that's where I'd like to be sitting if you ask me.

4️⃣Building out your product suite

👉 You need a few offers that will create results for different levels of where your Dream Client may be in their buying journey. I touched on this a little up above - but you should have entry level offers - all the way up to high ticket so you can consistently upsell and down sell to never leave any $ on the table in your business.


👉You need a launch strategy that works for you, warms up your audience and gets them ready to buy! (this can even go back to the buyer phases inside of your content) When you're scaling to 5K + months showing up and selling your offer everyday is KEY. (once you start scaling to 10K+ months launching becomes essential for momentum, visibility and growth)

6️⃣ Get confident AF in selling and closing sales!

👉 Find a way to sell that works and feels good for you, get crystal clear on your irresistible offer and transformation and be able to handle money objections.


👉If you don't have a good relationship with money- don't come at me with that 5K is hard BS (you're making it hard). Stop price shopping, stop and start trusting and focusing on what you want to attract (you wouldn't want your dream clients price shopping, now would you?)🧐

Investing is always the best option when you're struggling. I know it's scary - but I wouldn't be here without my mentors, and my clients wouldn't be where they are (as fast) without investing in me, or another mentor, for support.

My clients scale to 5K+ months within 90 days of working with me (some - even LESS),

So, girl, it's time to scale your business to those 5K months you've been craving, and it's time to show up as YOU and only you so that you feel GOOD and ALIGNED in how you're running your business every day.

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